About Us

Turquoise and Tangerine started as a small family-owned business, ran by a mother/daughter duo and love for all things fashion. The boutique had been in Loveland, Colorado area for about 10 years when it changed ownership to the current owner. 


Daniela has loved fashion since she could remember but with a western twist. Boots, handbags, clothes and accessories with a western flare will always be a part for this western wear loves wardrobe. Since Daniela took over Turquoise and Tangerine in November 2021, the western vibe has become a part of the style of Turquoise and Tangerine Boutique. 

A boutique that has been in the Loveland location for 10 years in which it was recently purchased by our owners in November of 2021, with the goal of bringing inclusivity to Western Apparel for all sizes and diversity within the shopping experience. Turquoise and Tangerine started as a small business ran by family and as new owners we aim to continue that legacy for many years to come.